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Consuming too much Sugar, Bad for your Health

While growing up, there was a misconception that consuming foods with a lot of sugar content is a sign of enjoyment funny you might say but it’s a reality born out of ignorance. Although we have learned our lessons the hard way. Then, I couldn’t just comprehend why my dad was bitterly against
consuming too much sugar until a very close friend of mind fell seriously ill and taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It was a very sad story. He has to forcefully reduce his intake of certain types of food most especially foods with high starch concentration if he must survive. Most illnesses we experience in old age have their root from our childhood when you are most ignorant about the effect of consuming anything in excess. No matter how good a food is in supplying the body with vital nutrients, too much of it can pose a serious threat to our health. Anything consumed, should be in moderation.

Why is too much sugar bad for your health?

Most drinks we consume these days contains a staggering amount of sugar, even though the manufacturers won’t tell you the truth as it can cause a downfall in their business. An average person consumes a lot of sugar daily up to about 32 spoons or cubes. The regular fruit juice we consume daily contains at a minimum 7 cubes of sugar apart from other sugar-rich foods we consume.

Furthermore, regulating sugar consumption even from childhood can go a long way in saving you the stress associated with constant medication. The most disturbing issue is that some people think only the direct sugar can be harmful, however, sugar exist in some other forms that are also dangerous such as fructose or high fructose corn. These forms of sugar are highly processed and very cheap which is the reason why in a quest to cut cost and increase profit potential- companies use this cheap sugar forms which are of course sweeter than other forms such as the brown sugar.

The bad news for sugar lovers is that the body is not meant to consume sugar in excess especially fructose. Note that fructose and sugar are metabolized separately because fructose is metabolized directly into fat which will result in so much problem for the body such as obesity.

Effects of too much sugar in the body

Here are some effects of consuming too much sugar to your health: 

Your liver can get overloaded and damage as a result: The too much sugar or fructose you consume channels itself to only one organ that can work on it which is the liver. In fact, alcohol has the same effect on the liver as excess sugar. This excess sugar causes an overload on the liver as it has to do extra work to transport this excess sugar. Implying that the more sugar you take the more you get your liver overloaded.

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It makes you gain weight and hampers your insulin and leptin signaling: your body gets fooled by the fructose/sugar which causes your appetite control system turns off. Furthermore, your body fails to produce insulin which in turn fails to suppress the hunger hormone and stimulates leptin “the satiety hormone”. This causes you to eat more than you could which will subsequently result in insulin resistance.

Your uric acid level increases as a result: you are at high risk of contracting heart and kidney disease when you consume high sugar/fructose foods. They result in an increase in your body’s uric acid level.

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