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Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

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In some parts of the world, garlic is used only as a cooking ingredient because of its aroma. However, in other countries, they are not only used as a cooking ingredient but as a supplement to enhance health. Garlic has a lot of health benefit enshrined in it making its consumption almost irresistible for most people. Some dislike the aroma that oozes from garlic when consumed while others like it, take a step go beyond the aroma and consider the benefits you could derive from it that is the most important thing.
Garlic is in varieties with each having its own unique benefits. Garlic is rich in vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B6, folate, calcium, iron magnesium Vitamin C etc. below are health benefits you can derive from garlic.

Help Prevent The Risk Of Heart Disease.

When you consume garlic frequently, it helps lower the cholesterol level in the body due to its anti-oxidant properties of the Allicin it contains. Its effectiveness can also be felt in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels. To maximize the health benefits of garlic, it should be consumed raw not cooked as Allicin the sulphur-containing compound can lose its medicinal value when cooked.

Protects the body against cancer

Many proven studies carried out shows how garlic can help prevent the body from being infected with cancer of stomach and colorectal. This occurs when the consumed Garlic strengthens the immune system to fight against cancer.
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 Prevents the skin and hair from infections

Another benefit of garlic is that it protects the skin against free radicals and slows down the decreasing effect of collagen which is the result of lack of elasticity in aging skin. When applied to infected skins, garlic performs magic by ridding the skin of infections such as fungal, eczema etc. Just as onion is a remedy for hair also garlic can function the same. How to apply on Hair: crush garlic and rub the extract to your scalp, it can help prevent and reverse hair loss.

Antibacterial and Antiparasitic properties

In historic times, garlic has been put to good use in many areas for both external and internal cure. Even though these applications are still done today although with advanced techniques. One of this benefits of garlic is in protecting the body against bacteria and parasites. For over 2000 years, it has been used in diluted form for treating tapeworm issues in children, it can also be used in ridding the mouth from bacteria most especially bacteria associated with mouth odor or bad breath.

Helps in blood purification

Are you tired of externally trying hard to get rid of that acne? The best solution is to tackle the root cause which by purifying your blood from inside. Deal with it from inside out. Consume two cloves of raw garlic with warm water, ensure you stay hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. You can lose some fat with garlic and lemon juice, take the combination every morning. Garlic can help detoxify your system. You can read more here

Note: this article is meant for information decimation purpose only, not to serve as a medical advice.

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