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Benefits of Cucumber to the Human Body


Living healthy is the product of what you eat. Consuming natural and fresh foods makes your body even healthier. Cucumber is a very good choice when it comes to natural foods with a lot of nutritional benefits. Cucumbers are of different types, however, the most popular or common type considered edible is the slicing and pickling type. In this article, we will concentrate on the slicing type because it is consumed fresh. Some people dislike cucumber because of its almost tasteless
nature funny right? Well, in living naturally, you will definitely encounter many veggies or fruits that are tasteless, however, the point to remember is that natural foods are more nutritional and beneficial to your health.
Cucumber is associated with numerous benefits below are some;

Cancer Prevention Properties

Lignans and cucurbitacins are two compounds that are present in cucumber, these compounds, however, are responsible for its cancer-fighting properties. In recent years pharmaceutical companies are paying more attention to cucurbitacins with a hope to include them in new drugs for cancer. In a research review carried out in 2010 and published in a scientific world journal reveals that cucurbitacins can help block signal transference between cancer cells which are needed for cancer cell survival.

Keeps you hydrated

Cucumber is made up of about 95% water, implying that it contains 150ml in a 5-ounce serving. Which is about 26% of your daily water intake through food. Keeping your body hydrated is very good if you must stay healthy.

Help keep the brain healthy

A substance called fisetin present in cucumber which is anti-inflammatory is responsible for the brain health maintaining power of cucumber. Other fruits with such properties are Strawberries and Grapes.
In recent studies, fisetin was suggested to play a major role in brain health: it could help reduce the effect of age-related neurological illnesses on the brains function and could also help with the issue of Alzheimer’s disease by maintaining cognitive function in patients.

Help maintain healthy weight

The very low-calorie nature of cucumber makes it a good option for a fat loss diet, in addition, it is high in fiber, such foods high in fiber help maintain a healthy weight. Interested in losing weight? Check out Broccoli the nutrient powerhouse.
Cucumber can be consumed in many ways, either raw or with your meals or as vegetable juice. Note: choose organically grown cucumber instead of conventionally grown to avoid contamination. Cucumber is one of the most contaminated fruits these days.

Helps control bad breath

Are you tired of your bad breath? Here comes a solution. Bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. Vegetables rich in fiber and with a lot of water content can be of help in tackling these condition. Here is how it happens, it boosts the mouth saliva production, and this in turn results in washing away of bacteria in the mouth that are responsible for the odor.
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Note: this article is meant for information decimation purpose only, not to serve as a medical advice.
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